Nature area Oude Kene

Fluitenberg – 500mtr

From the B&B you can walk to nature reserve “Oude Kene” in Fluitenberg in a few minutes. A walk of approx. 40 minutes takes you through an area that has been laid out to realize multiple functions, ranging from recreation area for Hoogeveen, water retention (retention of water), helophyte filter (green filter to purify water) and ecological connection zone.

Forrest Spaarbankbos

Hoogeveen – 2,7km

The Spaarbankbos was once a wet heathland that formed a whole with the adjacent Boerenveensche Plassen. De Spaarbank from Hoogeveen bought the site in 1890 as an investment and planted forest for mining wood in Limburg. During the Second World War, a German ammunition transport exploded in the forest just before the liberation. The explosion had left quite a hole in the forest and trees were covered with shrapnel. As a result, the trees were no longer usable for wood production. The Spaarbank then turned it into a walking forest where the residents of Hoogeveen could walk.

National Park Dwingelderveld

Ruinen – 9,7km

In Southwest Drenthe is a special nature reserve: National Park Dwingelderveld. The National Park is the largest continuous wet heath area in Western Europe. There are no less than 2 flocks of sheep with shepherds who keep the heath in condition. The visitor center (address: Benderse 22 Ruinen) is the starting point for beautiful walking and/or cycling trips over the heathland and through the woods. In this National Park you can still enjoy an endless, undisturbed horizon…

National Park Drents Friese Wold

Appelscha – 33km

On the border of Southwest Drenthe and Southeast Friesland, lies a special area. The Drents-Friese Wold National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands. In 2000, more than 6000 hectares of forest, heathland, shifting sands and stream valley grasslands were designated a National Park. The Drents-Friese Wold is one of the most beautiful and important nature reserves in Europe and has therefore been designated as a Natura2000 area.

National Park Weerribben-Wieden

Sint Jansklooster- 38km

Weerribben-Wieden has the largest and most beautiful peat bog area in northwestern Europe. Water and land alternate continuously. This provides living space for all kinds of plants and animals. Weerribben-Wieden National Park owes its status partly to the enormous diversity of species. You will find lakes, ditches and canals, meadows and meadows, reed beds, quaking fens and swamp forests. And each landscape type is valuable, because it contains other plants and animals.

De Luie Tuinman (The lazy gartner)

Ruinen – 4km

Near Ruinen in the middle of the Drenthe countryside are the walking gardens of “De Luie Tuinman”. On more than one hectare you will find 25 gardens, each with its own atmosphere and theme. Fascinating and flourishing, traditional and contemporary, inspiring and surprising. There are benches for those seeking tranquility and inspiration for garden lovers. Cozy garden café, terraces, veranda, plant square and a cosmopolitan shop.

The cycling routes mainly consist of nodes and the same applies to the walking routes where the network of nodes is available. These themed routes take you on a journey of discovery through the most beautiful nature reserves and tourist places in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. The routes show you the way through forests and dunes, over heathland and sand drifts and through historic villages and cultural cities.

Drenthe Cycling & Hiking

Cycling with five stars, that’s what you do in Drenthe! The province that sprinkles with atmospheres. A varied landscape of forest, heath, fens and sand drifts. For touring bike, e-bike or mountain bike. We have an extensive cycling network. Drive from node to node, follow a nice fixed route or leave it to chance. You always end up in a beautiful place here.

Hiking enthusiasts can also indulge themselves here. One moment you are in the middle of a purple sea full of heather. A little later you walk through old woods, and then enjoy a cup of coffee on a cozy Drents brinkplein. Because of the many hiking trails you can go in all directions. And the way is obvious here!

Cycling junctions Drenthe

The bicycle junction system is ideal if you want to compose your own route and the number of kilometers. In Drenthe you can reach the most beautiful places with the junctions, because the ANWB signposted theme routes are also included in the cycling junction system. With no fewer than 500 information panels and 20,000 route signs, you can easily explore Drenthe by bike. And along the way you have plenty of time to fully enjoy the beautiful nature through which you cycle.

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